We want to work with and around cool, inspiring people. A rising tide floats all boats and we firmly believe that surrounding ourselves with intelligent creatives will raise our level of operating. We are looking for creative, motivated professionals with generalist skill sets and a thirst for hands-on exploration.s

What We Like to See


  • A demonstrated willingness to get your hands dirty in the design and production process.
  • An ability to rapidly and fluidly iterate throughout all stages of the creative process.
  • Proven ability to take initiative and demonstrate leadership while working independently or with a team.
  • At least a couple of years of professional experience.


Send us an email at Include a paragraph or two about your background and why you think you would be a good fit for IM. No need for a formal cover letter. Please include a PDF of your resume, a link to an online portfolio, your reel, or some other relevant record of your past work. Devs, that might mean a public GitHub. Compositors and animators, a reel with shot breakdowns would be great.